How to schedule an orchestration (BizTalk 2004, 2006 or R2)

Posted: June 11, 2009 in BizTalk
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How can we schedule an orchestration to run at predetermined time intervals or to start in a predetermined hour?

You have 3 possible ways to do this:

  • Using Windows Task Scheduler to drop a file to the specified receive location
  • Using SQL Adapter by implementing a simple stored procedure that creates a “dummy” message that initiate your orchestration
  • Or using BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter (you can download this in codeplex:

But in my opinion the best way is doing by using BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter, I say this because this is the only option that everything is in the same place, we configure everything in the receive location using this adapter, and that make it easier to manage in the future.

Tags: BizTalk | Adapters

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