BizTalk Document Mapping – Mass Copy Functoid

Posted: July 20, 2009 in BizTalk
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The Mass Copy functoid allows source records and containing elements and attributes to be copied and mapped across to the destination schema. It creates a wildcard (/*) XSLT template match to recursively copy elements.


  • May provide a performance benefit, as each source and destination elements does not require a 1:1 detailed mapping on all subsequent schema nodes, requiring fewer XSLT code instructions to be interpreted and executed at runtime. Very useful when XML structures in source and destination schemas are compatible (identical).
  • Allows large structure to be mapped quickly in design time
  • Very useful when the destination is defined as an <xs:any> type, Mass Copy Functoid can be performed only with the node level not with the fields level. So the node containing the <ANY> field has to be mapped.


  • Mass Copy Functoid will “blindly” copy all chield elements specified to the destination schema and it will not copy elements out of order or check for required values in the destination schema.

Tags: BizTalk | Map | Funtoid

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