Problem with Edifact Interchange and loopback adapter Receive Pipeline – Received unexpected message type

Posted: July 24, 2009 in BizTalk
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In a previous project I worked with EDI message to interchange with partners, but before I send the message to the partner I have the need to pass then to o loopback adaptor, that was configured with EDISend pipeline and EDIReceive Pipeline.

The objective is to get some proprieties, configured in the Party, that I need to precede the orchestration.

The send work well and create a correct EDI message, but on the receive I expect a Edifact Interchange Message but when I receive back the message it gives the following error:

… Exception thrown from: segment -1, progress -1

Inner exception: Received unexpected message type ‘’ does not match expected type ‘’.

Exception type: UnexpectedMessageTypeException

Source: Microsoft.XLANGs.Engine …


You have to configure the EDI pipeline to preserve the interchange.

In EDI Pipeline configuration:

  • On EDI disassemble component
    • Set the property “PreserveInterchange” to “True”
EDI Pipeline proterties

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