Debug maps in BizTalk 2006/2006 R2 and in BizTalk 2009

Posted: August 7, 2009 in BizTalk
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This is a great feature, in most case overlooked, because maps can become very large, to the point that is difficult to read, very difficult to maintain and detect some problems.

For many, the ability to debug maps is a new feature in BizTalk 2009, because finally it has particular emphasis in Menu, but is not true, BizTalk 2006 and R2 have the same feature.

Debugging maps in BizTalk 2009

  • Right-click in map file, and now you have a new Item “Debug Map”, next to “test Map” and “Validate Map” items

You will get the possibility to debug the actual XSLT that BizTalk generates and also possible to debug scripts, functoids and other custom code.

Debugging maps in BizTalk 2006/2006 R2

Visual Studio 2005 has a great feature that enables you to debug BizTalk Map:

  • Right click the BizTalk map and select “Validate Map”
  • In the output window you’ll see a link to the .xsl, click on the link to bring it up in VS
  • Right click the .xsl and select “View Source”
  • At that point you can set break points in your .xsl
  • Then select”XML / Debug XSLT” – at which point you’ll be able to step thru the XSLT

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