EDI Experience – Common errors and solutions

Posted: March 4, 2010 in BizTalk
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ERROR: Invalid value in data element

Data Element ID: FTX01

Position in Segment: 3

Position in Field: 2

Data Value: ZZZ

12: Invalid value in data element


  • Your Data elements FTX01 contain the invalid code, “ZZZ”. These elements have specific lists of allowable codes.


  • This code must be added to the list of the FTX01 element in the schema.

ERROR: Data element too long

Data Element ID: C08001

Position in Segment: 5

Position in Field: 1


39: Data element too long


  • The value “C08001” is too long for the defined length of the element.


  • Check the max length of the UNB9 element and correct your data. If you and your trading partner agree, both may increase the max length, in which case you would modify your schema.

ERROR: Invalid character(s) found in data element

Data Element ID: UNB11

Position in Segment: 11

Data Value: METCASH-AC3:ZZ


Data Value:

37: Invalid character(s) found in data element


  • You have bad data in an UNB11 element.
  • You have an invalid character in an UNB11 element.


  • Often this error occurs when you put a space in a mandatory element to avoid failing for missing mandatory. If this is the situation and you have no valid data for the element, you may have to change the element to optional in the schema.
  • This could be either the ‘-‘ or the ‘:’, or both, depending on the character set you are using and on what separators you using. If this is an outbound transaction, you can use a script to remove or replace the offending character

ERROR: Duplicate Control Number

Error: 1 (Miscellaneous error)

25: Duplicate Control Number

Error: 2 (Field level error)


Position in TS: 1

Data Element ID:

Position in Segment: 13

Position in Field: 1

Data Value: <n>

25: Duplicate Control Number


  • This problem occurs because the interchange control numbers in the ISA13 segment of the suspended EDI messages are still recorded in BizTalk Server. This causes a duplicate detection check to be performed.



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