BizTalk Orchestration Error Message – property ‘Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address’ is read-only for non-dynamic ports

Posted: March 12, 2010 in BizTalk
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I have an orchestration process that dynamic send email notifications:

msgEmail(SMTP.EmailBodyText) = “my body”;
msgEmail(SMTP.Subject) = “my Subject”
msgEmail(SMTP.From) = “”;
msgEmail(SMTP.SMTPHost) = ”smtp server”
msgEmail(SMTP.SMTPAuthenticate) = 1;
msgEmail(SMTP.EmailBodyTextCharset) = "ISO-8859-1";
msgEmail(SMTP.Password) = “****”;
msgEmail(SMTP.Username) = “xxxx”;

EmailPort(Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address) = “;

When I first try to compile the orchestration I receive back the following error message:

Error 22 – ‘EmailPort’: property ‘Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address’ is read-only for non-dynamic ports


  • The port bind is not specified as Dynamic.


  • Open the Port Configuration Wizard.
    • Select a Port Type. On this page, you first select whether you want a New Port Type or an Existing Port Type. If you select Existing Port Type, you then use a tree control to choose which existing port type to assign.
      If you select New Port Type, you then need to type the name of the port type in the Name text box, or accept the suggested default name. You also select the port type’s communication pattern (one-way or request-response) and any access restrictions to impose on the new port type.

      • Communication pattern: One-Way
    • Port Binding. On this page you specify the direction of communication, also known as the polarity, and the binding type of the port.
      The polarity choice you make depends in part on the communication pattern of the port type that you selected on the preceding page of the wizard, Select a Port Type.

      • Direction of communication: I will always be sending messages on this port
      • Port binding: Dynamic

Dynamic Port

Dynamic ports are only valid for Send Ports.

Dynamic option only appears if you first change the port to be a “Send Port”, by selecting the “I’ll always be sending messages on this port” option in the “Port direction of communication” combo box, otherwise it does not appear as an option (when you’re creating a Receive port).

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  1. Venu says:

    “Dynamic ports are only valid for Send Ports” – new thing I came to know about Dynamic Ports.. thanks sandro !!

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