Enabling the BAM Excel Add-In for Excel 2007

Posted: August 17, 2010 in BizTalk
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Earlier versions of Office 2007 are quite different with regard to the layout of menu and some options may be hard to find in the beginning. Add-In is one of these options.

For enabling the BizTalk Server 2006 BAM Add-In for Excel 2007 (assuming that BAM and Excel are already installed), we need to add it to the ribbon so we can access it. We do that by:

  • Going to “More Commands…” option:


  • This will open the Excel options dialog box and from there you can select Add-Ins. You should select “Business Activity Monitoring” in the list:


  • Do not exit from “Excel Option” box…
    After select “Business Activity Monitoring”, select Manage: Excel Add-Ins, and press “Go…”, this will bring up a familiar dialog where you need to check the “Business Activity Monitoring“ Add-In.


  • Press “OK”

Having done this the BAM Add-In will now be accessible through the ribbon and you can edit your BAM Activities and Views.

Tags: BizTalk | BAM | Add-In | Excel

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