BAM – Limitation of Tracking Profile Editor (TPE)

Posted: August 20, 2010 in BizTalk
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BizTalk artifacts only!

The most important limitation of TPE is that it can only be used to capture data from BizTalk artifacts. If you want to use Bam to capture data from custom code, you will need to use the BAM API.

Messages and elements limitations

Some messages and elements can’t be tracked with TPE. You can only track messages that have a schema that is known at design time, so you can’t track messages of type string or System.XML.XMLDocument.

Also you can’t capture data from repeating fields.

Some limitations exist on the length of data item names. The combined length of a folder name and data item instance value cannot be longer that 128 characters.

Orchestration shapes limitations

You also can’t track any of the following orchestration shapes:

  • Group (Task)
  • Loop (While)
  • Message Assignment
  • Suspend
  • Terminate
  • Throw Exception
  • Transform

You can work around these limitations for some shapes by wrapping them in a nontransactional scope shape and tracking the scope. However this don’t work for the Suspend and Terminate shapes, as they never fire the Shape End event.

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