BAM – The BAM Databases

Posted: August 23, 2010 in BizTalk
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BAMAlertsApplication and BAMAlertsNSMain

Are used by SQL Notification Services to support BAM Alerts.

  • BAM Notification Services Application database (BAMAlertsApplication) Contains alert information for BAM notifications.
  • BAM Notification Services Instance database (BAMAlertsNSMain) Contains instance information specifying how the notification services connect to the system that BAM is monitoring.


The BAM Primary Import database (BAMPrimaryImport) table is primarily designed to store data for current and recently completed. You will see several tables inside:

  • the table bam_<activity>_Active and bam_<activity>_Completed contains the activities;
  • the other tables are used by relationships and continuations


The BAM Star Schema database (BAMStarSchema) Contains the staging table, and the measure and dimension tables.


BAM Analysis database (BAMAnalysis) contains BAM OLAP cubes for both online and offline analysis.


BAM Archive database (BAMArchive) archives old business activity data. You can create a BAM Archive database to minimize the accumulation of business activity data in the BAM Primary Import database.

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