BizTalk 2010 – Migrate an old BizTalk Visual Studio solution to Visual Studio 2010

Posted: November 11, 2010 in BizTalk
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My firsts concerns when I decide to migrate my BizTalk Server 2006 environment to BizTalk Server 2010 was:

It is easy to migrate a VS 2005 solution to VS 2010? All the BizTalk artifacts (schemas, orchestrations, …) will work? What precautions I should have? …

This may sound simple enough, but with almost every people that I have spoken and it’s planning to migrate from BizTalk Server 2006 or 2006 R2, have the exact same concerns.

So far I have not checked any issue after migrating from an old solution to VS 2010. The migration is very easy, just follow the wizard and all BizTalk artifacts work well.

The only concern that I found is, if you use C# libraries for orchestration or map support, checks for deprecated features/methods and corrects them.

My suggestions are:

  • Do not deploy BizTalk Applications using old MSI files (MSI generated in BizTalk 2006, R2 or 2009), first migrate the project, rebuild the project using VS 2010 and then deploy the Application.
  • Depending on your needs, options or opportunities, you should consider using the WCF adpters:
  1. WCF SQL Adapter instead of SQL Adapter
  2. WFC-WSHttp or WCF-BasicHttp instead of using SOAP Adapter.
Visual Studio Conversion Wizard:
  • Open BizTalk Visual Studio solution, it will open “Visual Studio Conversion Wizard”, click “Next”.


  • On “Choose Whether To Create a backup” screen, chose “No” and click “Next” (if you want you can chose “Yes…” and select the backup location)


  • In “Ready to Convert” screen, review summary and click “Finish”


  • It will appear a screen Information regarding to migrate to a new .NET Framework, press “OK”


  • In “Conversion Complete” screen, you choose to see the conversion log, by select “Show the conversion log when the wizard closed” option, and click “Close” to finish the migration.


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