Curiosities: BizTalk codenames

Posted: April 19, 2011 in BizTalk
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In the past I wrote an article about BizTalk Server, all logos over time…, now while searching on the web, I came across with a funny curiosity: BizTalk codenames! Smile

Microsoft codenames are the names given by Microsoft to products it was in development, before given the names by which they appeared on store shelves.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find all, maybe you can help me complete this list:

  • BizTalk 2000 – Codename “Latinum
  • BizTalk 2002 – Codename “Bizet
  • BizTalk 2004 – Codename “Voyager
  • BizTalk 2006 – Codename “Pathfinder
  • BizTalk 2006 R2 – Codename “Mercury
  • BizTalk 2009 – Codename “???”, I suspect that is Oslo!
  • BizTalk 2010 – Codename “???”

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  1. agarwalmk says:

    BizTalk 2010 – “Prague”

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