Visio 2010 Stencil for BizTalk Server Updated

Posted: June 6, 2011 in BizTalk
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After the unexpected success of my previous post and some requests, I decided to spend half of my weekend to improve the stencil by adding more artifacts.

The result is 26 new shapes of a total of 37, representing:

  • BizTalk topologies (Standalone and Clustering)
  • BizTalk Runtime Architecture and ESB Toolkit
  • Receive and Send Pipelines, Inbound and Outbound Maps, Adapters and Filters
  • Receive Ports and Receive Locations (One-way and Request Response)
  • Send Ports (One-way and Solicit-Response)


You can download Visio 2010 Stencil for BizTalk Server (or Visio icons for BizTalk Server) from:

Collection of Visio 2010 Stencil for BizTalk Server (27.14 MB)
Microsoft | TechNet Gallery


Other Resources:

I’m not a design expert Sorriso, but inspired by several presentations available in the Web, I created new shapes and I shared others (find in presentations), once again hope you enjoy!

Tags: BizTalk | Visio | Icon | Shape

  1. Piotr Maik says:

    Thank you! Greatly appreciated!


  2. HelderSoares says:

    Thanks Sandro, your blog is in my RSS Reader ! Great Blog Content! 😉

  3. Mikael Sand says:

    I downloaded the file but it does not open. I get an error saying the file is corrupt. Are you sure the file is totally kosher?

  4. Zeeshan says:

    Top work there Sandro.. The graphics are slick .. 🙂

  5. These shapes are fantastic! Great work Sandro! I can see these becoming a standard for physical architecture diagrams.

  6. André Roussakoff says:

    Thanks Sandro. It worked like a charm for me in Visio 2003.

  7. Cesar Augusto Lopez Amaya says:

    Thanks Sandro…. Excellent post… Good work…!!!

  8. Irfan Hussian says:

    Great really helpful 😀

  9. Kishore says:

    Thanks Sandro, brilliant work….

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