Win a e-copy of the book BizTalk 2010 Line of Business Systems Integration

Posted: October 14, 2011 in BizTalk
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I have 3 e-copies of the new BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration to be raffled away, courtesy of Packet Publishing.

To be fair and impartial to all my readers, since they are spread all over the world with different time zones, I decided to make a pre-announcement of the contest so everyone has the same odds of winning a copy of the book.

The contest titled “3 e-copies, 3 questions!” and will challenge readers to answer three questions: two about the book and one about me and will occur October 17, 2011 at 13:30 PM Portuguese time.

Other time zones:


Time Zone

Seattle (EUA)
Vancouver (Canada)
05:30 AM
October 17, 2011
New York (EUA) 07:30 AM
October 17, 2011
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
São Paulo (Brasil)
09:30 AM
October 17, 2011
Lisbon (Portugal)
London (United Kingdom)
13:30 PM
October 17, 2011
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Berlin (Germany)
Johannesburg (South Africa)
Madrid (Spain)
Oslo (Norway)
Paris (France)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Johannesburg (South Africa
14:30 PM
October 17, 2011
New Delhi (India) 18:00 PM
October 17, 2011
Pequin (China) 18:30 PM
October 17, 2011
Tokyo (Japan) 19:30 PM
October 17, 2011
Sydney (Australia) 23:30 PM
October 17, 2011

You have about two days to prepare yourself and gathering information’s about the book and about me🙂

Have a good weekend… and feel free to comment my blog, the contest or the book!

For the moment is being an excellent reading, I’m enjoying every moment

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  1. Tip: if you subscribe my blog you will be notified instantly once the contest is published🙂
    and also follow news about BizTalk

  2. Alex says:

    Do we need to install the iLivid software to participate?

  3. Christophe BRANDO says:

    Hello Sandro,

    Where are the questions ! I will enjoy reading that book !

  4. Christophe BRANDO says:

    Great !! But only few minutes to prepare…

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