BizTalk Orchestration error: "Errors exist for one or more children."

Posted: January 30, 2012 in BizTalk
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For some reason after having migrated a BizTalk 2006/Visual Studio 2005 solution to BizTalk 2010/VS 2010 using VS Conversion Wizard, I got the following error:

"Errors exist for one or more children."

Following for another saying he did not recognize certain message, which honestly was a little strange, I should have a total about 20 “false” errors Sorriso.


Typically this problem is usually associated with problems in Orchestration Designer “refactoring” or “graphical interpretation” and in a certain way it isn’t a “valid error”, ie, it doesn’t describe the real problem.

Usually this error is followed with a red indicator on the shape; however this was not my case, I had no indicator, but had the same error.


If you have a shape indicator, enter in the shape:

  • Copy and delete the existing code and press ok to leave the shape;
  • Go back to the shape again and put the same code there;
  • Compile the project again;

In my case, I did the same strategy on the first shape where I had code (Message Assignment) that referenced the message that he said that did not recognize.

Tags: BizTalk | Orchestration | Visual Studio |Errors and Warnings, Causes and Solutions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t have a red indicator on my shape either. Fixed my problem & saved me a lot of time. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    No idea how you worked this out but thank you. You saved mea lot of time too

  3. Erwin Kr says:

    Got this error as well, turned out I had a type in my orchestration view that wasn’t configured. It showed the indicator but it was hidden at the bottom of my list.

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