New version of BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter is now available on CodePlex

Posted: June 12, 2012 in BizTalk
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First of all I would like to thank Greg Forsythe for their kindness and for added me as coordinator on this project.

In the past weeks I have been working on this new version of this adapter, mostly making small improvements and documentation, and now I can say… A new version of BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter is available for download on CodePlex:



This adapter was tested to work on BizTalk Server 2010. Compiled in .NET Framework 4.0

The Scheduled Task Adapter v4.0 will work with:

  • BizTalk Server 2010
  • .NET Framework 4.0

List of improvements in version 4.0

  • In this new version are available small improvements compared to the current version (3.0). We can highlight the following improvements or changes:
  • 24 hours support in “start time” property. Previous versions had an issue with setting the start time, as it shown 12 hours watch but no AM/PM.
  • Daily scheduler review. Solved a small bug on Daily Properties: unable to switch between “Every day” and “on these days”
  • Installation experience improved. You no longer need to manually add the DLL in GAC.
  • Support for 32 and 64 bit Host Instances.
  • Compiled in Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0.
  • Optimized for BizTalk Server 2010.
  • Documentation improved.

BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter v4.0 (1428.0 KB)

  1. Erik says:

    Hi, what do the optimizations consist of?


    • Hi Erik,

      In this “first adventure” in this project I only made small improvements and fixing minor faults.

      The most important for me is support for 24H when we set the scheduler, in previous versions we only could set 12H and often we didn’t know if it was AM or PM; and Installation experience improved, you no longer need to manually add the DLL in GAC in other words run the setup and you are ready to go.

      In this version I update the project also for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0

  2. […] information about the new changes in the adapter can be found at Sandro’s Blog. Share this:SharePrintEmailLinkedInTwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  3. The_Muns says:


    I want to retieve the schedule tasks schedule properties from inside the orchestration once the schedule has triggerred.

    I need to use the start time.

    Can you point me in the right direction if this is possible.



  4. Aecio Lemos says:

    Hi Sandro, this adapter has been crucial to our project. However, in some applications I have 30 or 50+ receive locations with schedules. Is there any way to change them all with one command? Today I had to re-schedule tasks from midnight to 10pm and I had to do them by hand, one by one. Soon daylight savings will end and again I will have to reschedule, but then I will have to change some 400 receive locations.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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