Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event 2012 | September 26 and 27, 2012 – Stavanger, Norway

Posted: August 2, 2012 in BizTalk, BizTalk as PaaS
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After the Netherland and Italy, It’s now the time for Norway to receive BizTalk Innovation event.

Together with Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele, Saravana Kumar, Lex Hegt and of course our host Tord Glad Nordahl, I will do a presentation at the Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event about Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI features. This will be a two day event dedicated to BizTalk Server and all-around of Integration world and will occur on 26 and 27 September at Bouvet‘s office in Stavanger, Norway!

The stakes are high after Nino Crudele statement: “For this occasion, I want to prepare the best BizTalk session never seen”… I’ll try to be at his level SorrisoSorriso

And we invite you all to join us where you can count with the following agenda:


09:00: Registration;

09:30: Welcome and Introduction;

10:30: Break;

10:45: Adapter Pack Integration Capabilities (BizTalk)
by Steef-Jan Wiggers [MVP BizTalk Server];

The latest adapter pack that Microsoft includes with BizTalk contains WCF-based adapters (i.e. bindings) for Line-Of-Business systems (SAP, Siebel, Oracle eBusiness Suite), SQL and Oracle databases.

These adapters can be used within the BizTalk Runtime, separately in .NET projects, Windows Azure and with the latest addition of the Service Bus (Windows Azure Service Bus EDI/EAI CTP). In this talk the different aspects of using this adapter pack will be discussed combined with samples to demonstrate its versatile integration capabilities.

12:00: Lunch;

13:00: Introduction to the Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI features.
by Sandro Pereira [MVP BizTalk Server]

Historically, both EAI and EDI has been performed through BizTalk. With this preview we will give an early glimpse into how Microsoft envisions these types of integration scenarios being addressed in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) based environment.
In this session we’ll see EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionalities like: how to manage EDI message exchanges and trading partners with the Azure EDI Portal; how to support Flat files; edit Schemas and transformation maps

13:45: Break;

14:00: Throttling/& Thresholds.
by Tord Glad Nordahl

There is a lot of different information about how thresholds and automatic throttling affects BizTalk. How does it really work and what does the different setting really mean. This presentation will talk about the different host settings and the different throttling states, what it means and how this can help your environment. The session includes pointers on how to resolve throttling states, how to tune up and down your applications to increase or decrease processing of messages.

14:45: Break;

15:00: Using BizTalk360.
by Saravana Kumar [MVP BizTalk Server]

BizTalk360 addresses some of the common problems organizations face today while managing a BizTalk infrastructure for day-to-day operations. In this session we’ll cover some of the key capabilities of BizTalk360 (as listed below) and see how Microsoft BizTalk Server customers can take advantage of the investments we have made in BizTalk360.

15:45: Message Flow Monitoring BizTalk 360.
by Lex Hegt

In this presentation the added value of Message Flow Monitoring in comparison to Endpoint Monitoring is described. Message Flow Monitoring gives near real-time insight of the messages flow through your BizTalk environment. There will also be a presentation of how BizTalk360 supports Message Flow Monitoring.

16:00: Break;

16:15: BizTalk assessment and architecture review.
by Nino Crudele [MVP BizTalk Server]

Making a good BizTalk assessment and architecture review is a not a simple thing. BizTalk Server needs many different technologies in order to run.
There are many aspects to be considered and many things to inspect in order to make a complete BizTalk architecture review.

17:00: Wrap up – Road map BizTalk Next.
by Tord Glad Nordahl
17:30: Finish;

20:00: Dinner;


09:00: Startup

09:30: Labs

11:30: Lunch

12:30: Labs

15:30: Finish

You can find all detail about this event here.

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