Training Resources for BizTalk Developers and BizTalk Administrators avaliable on Microsoft TechNet Wiki

Posted: December 7, 2012 in BizTalk
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Sometimes people want to start learning BizTalk and don’t know where to start and it is very normal to see a lot of people asking this question, which leads me to always be looking for this information.

To be honest, it is more usual people asking “How can I learn to be a BizTalk Developer” than “How can I learn to be a BizTalk Administrator”, however BizTalk Administrator plays a very important role in BizTalk environments.

Therefore to have a quick response to this type of request and also to act as reference for administrators and developers, I decided to create two articles on the Microsoft TechNet Wiki that will act as Quick reference to all available resources:



I hope you find this information useful and I challenge (invite) all BizTalk Administrator and Developers to help improve this article with new content: whitepaper’s, Microsoft documentation, tutorials, scripts, Webcast and so on…

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