BizTalk360 a monitoring and support tool for BizTalk Server environments (Part 3)

Posted: December 26, 2012 in BizTalk
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Advanced capabilities for managing permissions

The authorization model included out-of-the-box with BizTalk Server is very limited, you can give someone BizTalk administrators or BizTalk operator’s rights, but that is about it, however this is insufficient and is it’s imperative for organizations to be able to manage access permissions to various resources on Microsoft BizTalk Server platform.

With BizTalk360 this assumption becomes possible, bringing, included in the product, advanced management permissions capabilities, fully customizable, that will allow organizations to define their own authorization requirements.

BizTalk Server is too expensive to be used by only one department of the organization so it’s normal to be shared between departments or project teams. These features (Advanced User Authorization) will help the BizTalk administrations teams to properly define how the project teams or company departments will access to productions environment without the fear that they interfered with other resources that are not theirs. Administrations teams know will now be able, for example, to:

  • Define your own NT roles and dictate how user can access the environment;



  • Restrict users/groups to limited applications, give users read-only access or setting up restrictions for support staff to resume or terminate instances;
  • Restricted view for certain users/groups;
  • Restricted access to confidential messages;

Fine grained authorization brings lot of advantages for the enterprise. The foremost reason is, security, by restricting access to the various components, functionalities, applications or BizTalk artifacts. Also on the other hand it makes life easy for application support people, they are hidden away from unnecessary things, which are not related to their task.

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