BizTalk Server: Cannot see my BAM View in BAM Portal after I deploy it

Posted: May 2, 2013 in BizTalk
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It´s a common factor that before users can view data from a BAM model in the BAM Portal website, they must be granted access to the views. However, and contrary to what I thought, the user that makes the deploy of the BAM Definition don’t necessarily have access to this particular view in the BAM Portal! (I was being misled because usually I am the owner… hehe)


Instead the only user that always has access to the view and cannot be added to or removed from the view(s) is the Database Owner (BAMPrimaryImport)!

You can check who the database owner is by running the following query:

SELECT SUSER_SNAME(owner_sid),name

So after I run this query I realize that another user was the owner and to solve this “problem” I had to give permissions to my user to access this View in BAM Portal by running the following BAM Management Utility command:

bm.exe add-account -AccountName:DOMAIN\USER -View:MyView


Mystery solved Sorriso

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