BizTalk Summit 2014 – London | March 3rd & 4th | London, England | BizTalk Mapping Patterns and an Introduction to WABS maps

Posted: February 16, 2014 in BizTalk
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For the third consecutive year, BizTalk Innovation Day event will be conducted in several European cities. And like last year the tour will start with our major event that is back to London even bigger and better!

  • 12 Integration MVP’s from across the world (USA, Canada, India, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and of course UK) will be speaking in this event.
    • The BizTalk Crew
      • Nino Crudele [Italy]
      • Saravana Kumar [UK] – the event host
      • Steef-Jan Wiggers [Netherlands]
      • Tord Glad Nordahl [Norway]
      • And me [Portugal]
    • Dan Rosanova [USA]
    • Jon Fancey [UK]
    • Michael Stephenson [UK]
    • Richard Seroter [USA]
    • Sam Vanhoutte [Belgium]
    • Stephen W. Thomas [USA]
    • Kent Weare [Canada]
  • Once again Microsoft Product group will be speaking in this event and will bring some of the core content presented in “BizTalk Integration Summit” held in Seattle last year or even new stuff to European audience.
  • Approximately 220 attendees expected from all over the Europe (or why not all over the world). Which means that we can interact and exchange ideas, not only with MVP and the product team, but also with two hundred BizTalk Experts!!!

BizTalk Summit 2014, London event will be organized by BizTalk360 (Kovai) limited with co-operation from Microsoft Product group, Microsoft UK and Microsoft Integration MVP’s.


This will be a two day event purely focused to the Microsoft Integration stack: BizTalk Server, Windows Azure BizTalk Services, Service Bus and Mobile Services. So we invite you all to join us next 3rh March 2014 in London, England. The event will once again take place in Microsoft (Cardinal Place), 100 Victoria St, SW1E 5JL London.

Programar-edicao-37The event only accommodate a limited number of attendees due to logistical constraints and is almost sold out! However there are still a few tickets available. So if you are interested please go ahead and confirm your seat as soon as possible, this will easily be the biggest Microsoft Integration event in Europe this year with a lot of new content.

You can find all detail about this event here.

About my session…

Last year I had the opportunity to introduction Windows Azure BizTalk Services (at the time Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI Labs), this year I will address a topic that I especially love and that I have presented in previous BizTalk Innovation Day events, however slightly different from the previous ones: “BizTalk Mapping Patterns and an Introduction to WABS maps“- this is mainly a session focused for developers. Here is the session’s abstract:

Maps or transformations are one of the most common components in the integration processes. They act as essential translators in the decoupling between the different systems to connect.
In the last couple of month I have been writing a free eBook about “BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices” that will soon be released, and this will be a good opportunity for you to see what you can expect. In this session I will try to address and explain some common mapper problems, specifying best practices and some of the best ways to address common problems by choosing the right approach. For me there is no perfect solution to solve a particular mapping problem, and most of the times we can find several ways to solve it depending on the experience and knowledge that we have or technologies and tools that we like to use, but all of them have advantages and disadvantages. Not always the best solution is the best approach to address the problem, you must understanding the problem and the requirements, researching the available options and taking actions to achieve your goals sometimes base on:

  • What’s the best approach to have performance? Is my message so big that I really need to worry about performance? Do I really need High performance?
  • Can I easily maintain this map? It is easy to read and understand? What the estimated effort for debug, finding and fix problems?
  • What the expertise levels required to create and maintain this map approach? What much time do I need to develop?

Finally I will try to make an introduction to the Windows Azure BizTalk Service maps, at the first glance the map editor seems to be the same that we used in BizTalk, but although the concept be the same this is a very different editor. And hopefully you will enhance your skills when using BizTalk Server and WABS Mapper editor.

Let’s see a glimpse for what you can expect:

BizTalk-Mapping-Patterns-and-Best-Practices-eBook Aggregator-Pattern

Working-with-Name-Value-Pair-Structures WABS-Maps

Last year was like this….

128 attendees, more than 70 different companies across 16 countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA), more than 10 Microsoft Integration MVP’s present (speakers, Q&A members and attendees) and 3 members of Microsoft Product group, these are some of the numbers that reflect the huge success of this event! This was the first time in UK that was been conduct a full day event dedicated to Microsoft BizTalk Server.


Check more here and in our Facebook page.

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