BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices eBook [Free] coming soon….

Posted: June 3, 2014 in BizTalk
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I publicly announce for the first time that I was working in an eBook about BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices, and that I was published for free, this March during BizTalk Summit 2014 London…


… At the time I said it would be published in mid-April or May but since then I’ve been slightly quiet, a few tweets and that’s it!

So how’s the book and when will it be published? This is the question that some people have asked me and that you probably are asking too, at least if you attended the event in London

Well I have some good news Smile… the book will be a reality and will definitely be for free. I’ve already made ​​the commitment to the BizTalk community and I’ll fulfill it. And the first chapters had already been sent to my awesome team of reviewers… I’m waiting for their feedback Smile!

However there are still many things to finish, the structure of the book may still suffer some changes (depending on the reviewers feedback), although it is unlikely that I make some radical changes in its current structure. And I still need to finish the main chapter “BizTalk Mapper Patterns” and one additional final chapter.

You also need to remember that this eBook will be for free and that all those involved are spending their free time to make this happen! Personally, the last few months have been difficult for me to find some additional free time to engage and finish this project… and I also cannot ask and demand nothing more from my reviewers, we all are busy people. I prefer to take a little more time and provide some quality work (I hope).

State of art and key point to take:

  • The book will be a reality and will definitely be for free
  • 12 patterns addressed in the eBook, currently 233 pages…
  • Estimated that 85% of the work is done
  • All demos are finished, finally! (is hard to invent some good and practical scenarios)
  • I promise that I will push my reviewer to send me the feedback (but they are not the blocking point)
  • I’m currently have some free time to finish the eBook!!! SmileSmile

I hope that soon I will be sending all the chapter to the reviewers and then depending on the feedback: improve it, fix it and finally publish it… so I ask you to have a little more patience.

  1. Peter Chang says:

    Cant’ wait! Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Helder Soares says:

    Thanks Sandro, you are one of the best contributters under Biztalk Community,
    I can only thank you for your hard work. I’m looking forward to read it 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Look forward to reading it ! Lots of thanks to Sandro

  4. Rajesh Kolla says:

    Thanks for all your great contributions, Sandro !!

  5. parugui says:

    Hey Sandro, I can’t wait. Very nice. When I grown up I want to be just like you 😛

  6. Rob K says:

    Thanks for your dedication to the BizTalk Community 🙂

  7. gsampath says:

    Thanx Sandro.. Wish to have it soon…

  8. eikeberg says:

    Looking forward to read this as i have been implementing a number for complex maps in biztalk over the last 8 yrs. It will be interesting to see if we have coherent view on things

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