Contest Winners: Getting Started with BizTalk Services

Posted: August 19, 2014 in BizTalk, BizTalk as PaaS
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Thanks to all participants, however only 59% of the responses were correct, all due to a small trap – I apologize for that – that I put the third question. The correct answers for the questions were:

  • Does BizTalk Services Bridges applies the VETER (Validate, Enrich, Transform, Enrich and Route)?
    Correct answer: A) Yes
  • Where the Enrichment component occurs inside the bridges?
    Correct answer
    : c) both, pre and post transformation
  • What are the name of the components that we drag from the Toolbox windows to the grid pages of BizTalk Services Maps to perform transformations?
    Correct answer: B) Operations

Getting-Started-with-BizTalk-ServicesI think the first two questions were quite simple, as was proven in the responses of the participants, however the equivalent of Functoids in BizTalk Server maps are called Operations in the BizTalk Services maps.

Again, thanks to all participants and congratulations to:

  • Marcus Rangell from Sweden
  • Christophe Brando from France

for winning the Getting Started with BizTalk Services eBook from Packet Publishing.

The book is available through Amazon and PACKT is self, so go to either of one and order it! (Also available for the Kindle)

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