Speaking at BTUG.be – Integration Day 2015 | Mechelen, Belgium | June 4th, 2015 | “BizTalk Server Deep Dive Tips & Tricks for Developers and Admins”

Posted: May 14, 2015 in BizTalk
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I’m proud and thrilled to announce that I will be for the first time in Belgium to present a session in the Integration Day 2015 on June 4th, 2015 about BizTalk Server: “BizTalk Server Deep Dive Tips & Tricks for Developers and Admins” that is being organized by the Belgian BizTalk User group (BTUG.be).

The event will be held in June 4th, 2015 at MOONBEAT Music Media Theater Studio and will be the first full day event organized by BTUG.be – I hope the first of many. Please visit this link for registration information.

My topic is once again about “BizTalk Server tips and tricks for developers and admins” but this time a more deep dive session. Don’t expect the same session that happen in London, we’ll go into more detail on some topics… we will see the missed tips… and I’m still working in new tips!

So, my goal is for you to expect a similar funny session, full of useful information that you can use in your daily work but still surprise you…


You can read the details below.

Session Abstract

It’s critical to use good tools and techniques to produce working solutions as quickly as possible and at the same time, given the increase the requirements and number of applications organizations develop today. But at the same time, it’s also critical to maintain the health of the entire platform.

In this session, which I’ll try to be a very interactive session (so be prepare to participate), I’ll address and share some useful BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks (and Workarounds) both for developers and administrators. Covering some topics like RosettaNet, SAP, database maintenance, debatching, out-of-the-box pipelines vs custom pipelines and many more.

I hope that, like me, you find it an interesting topic! See you there!

But is not only me that will be there, plus 4 MVP (Nino Crudele, Sam Vanhoutte, Steef-Jan Wiggers and Saravana Kumar), 2 Microsoft employees (Jan Tielens and Tord Glad Nordahl) and multiple partners (Andrew Slivker and Marius W Storsten) will complete the line-up with a set of great session.

PS: Notice that all BizTalkCrew members will be there…

What are you waiting for? Let’s make this the biggest Integration event in Belgium! So please register quickly here: http://btugbelgium.azurewebsites.net/integration-day-2015 because seating is limited, and let your friends and colleagues know about this event.

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