“Real Case Scenarios Where BizTalk NoS Ultimate Can Improve Our Efficiency” video and slides are now available

Posted: September 2, 2015 in BizTalk
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It was with great pleasure that I presented, last Monday – August 31, 2015 – my second presentation in the Integration Monday series. This time I was invited to talk about my personal experience about BizTalk NoS Ultimate and how this tool can improve our efficiency, productivity and experience while developing BizTalk projects.

And for this session I decided to take the risk of not creating a storyboard, as I normally do, preparing all the details about the entire session, test all the demos, train the session over and over to try to reach the perfection and so on… instead I decided to just spend some time on creating 5 or 6 slides that could visually express the way I see and feel this tool. And choose 2 or 3 real projects in which I could emulate the tool as I usually do in my daily work life.

The intention was only to prepare the support base for the entire presentation and then try to explain the impact of using BizTalk NoS Ultimate in the Developer Lifestyle, the advantages and how it allows me to improve my productivity/efficiency in my BizTalk projects… as if someone walked right now into my office and I had to explain him why to use and why I love it!

(That’s why some times you will see some pauses during the presentation and some “ahhh”’s and maybe some things note working so well – the risks inherent in doing this type of approach – hehhehe)


I hope you enjoyed and found this session informative and valuable, as I enjoyed doing it. And if you miss it or want to do see it again (I think anyone in their right mind wants to review) there are some good news… the video and slides from the session are now available in the Integration User Group site here:

I apologize for my voice, I was sick all week and my voice is a little husky (hoarse) – I don’t know very well the term in English – and despite being completely weird making a presentation to your computer, without seeing the people and their reactions – I’ve done four online sessions and it is impossible to get used to this format, I think I feel more comfortable being in front of an audience than making an online session hehehe – It was a pleasure to present once again in the Integration User Group.

Thank you for inviting me and see you all in a next time!

See also this amazing review made by Nino Crudele: BizTalk NOS Ultimate – BizTalk Assessment Power Up!

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