Microsoft Message Queuing Testing Tool updated

Posted: November 25, 2015 in BizTalk, Integration, Other
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I just released yesterday, but I’ve decided to do a small update to this tool bringing new functionalities in order to solve some limitations, especially Character Encoding problem.

Portuguese language have many letters with accents and while importing/reading the files in the previous version, all accented letters are printed as a question mark. It was obvious that I had a problem with Encoding.

Again, “Microsoft Message Queuing Testing Tool” is a simple tool that you can use to test sending files to Microsoft Queue in order to evaluate whether other applications are reading correctly the messages.

I’m using it to send messages to a queue that is being consumed by BizTalk Server


Version 2.0 brings:

  • Improvements in the “Message Label” auto fill
  • Improvements in the “Import Message File” functionality with better control of the encoder associated with the file
    • Add the ability to choose the code page identifier


Hope you enjoy it.

You can download this tool here:

Microsoft Message Queuing Testing Tool (79,9 KB)
Microsoft | Code Gallery

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