Speaking at Integrate 2016 | May 11th-13th 2016 | London, England | A new set of BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Azure App Services, BizTalk, Integration
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Bigger and better this is what to expect in this fourth conference that will take place in London. I think we can say with great certainty that this will be the biggest integration conference in the world that will happen this year! (of course related to Microsoft technologies, I don’t want to compare with other integration technologies)


This will be a three-day event purely focused to the Microsoft Integration stack, so we invite you all to join us in London, England. The event will take place at ExCeL London Exhibition Center and once again is being organized by BizTalk360 in conjunction with Microsoft. Please visit this link for more detail about the event and for registration information.

We will have:

  • This is not anymore a BizTalk related event this is now an Integration event covering a broad set of technologies that will appeal to integration focused professionals:
    • BizTalk Server and its expected new release BizTalk Server 2016
    • Azure App Service – API Apps and Logic Apps – PowerApps and Microsoft flows
    • Azure Service Bus (Event Hubs and Messaging)
    • And other topics like Internet of Things (IoT), Azure API Management, Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI or even Open Source technologies
  • 27 speakers (16 Integration MVP and 11 Microsoft program managers) and 27 sessions
    • The first half of the sessions and speakers are represented by Microsoft product group and the second half from Microsoft Integration MVP’s
  • There will be a paid Live Stream option for those who are not able to attend locally to this event see more about this option here.

This will also be an amazing opportunity to Network, Connect, and Reconnect with Colleagues. Meet some of the people you have been following on Twitter and blogs and network with them and others who are interested in the same things you are. To hang out with the smartest people you know – and I’m not talking about the speakers or Microsoft! I’m talking about you guys! – last reports mention that more than 370 attendees from over 150 companies across 25+ countries are going to attend the event, so imagine the experience that all of us have combined!

So my advice is: Don’t be afraid or shy, don’t wait for people come to you, instead, take your chances, engage the people you want to meet by easily saying "Hi my name is… ". This experience can be a great morale booster for you, lifelong friendships and connections have evolved from such conferences – I’m speaking for personal experience!


And me to facilitate this approach or initiative to engage people – I will take near to 50 BizTalk cool gifts to distribute among the attendees that probably will ask questions in my session or who engage me during the event to have a simple conversation – doesn’t need to be about BizTalk or technologies it can be a simple introduction or normal conversation Smile.


I’m also thrilled to be once again (fourth time) a speaker in this amazing event that I help to construct among with the other BizTalkCrew members (Nino Crudele, Steej-Jan Wiggers, Tord G. Nordahl and Saravana Kumar).


I liked my session last year and the feedback that I received and based on the time that I have to present (30 min session) I decided that my topic would be one again about tips and tricks for developers and admins: “A new set of BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks”

Session Abstract

It’s critical to use good tools and techniques to maintain, support and produce new working solutions as quickly as possible. In this session, Sandro will introduce you to a new set of useful BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks, acquired by years of experience in the field.

The session will cover the expectations for all the roles: architects, managers, developers, and administrators. Topics include BizTalk migration strategy, content-based routing techniques, Mapping, BizTalk administration tips, extending BizTalk out-of-the-box capabilities and many more.


I hope that, like me, you find it an interesting topic! See you there!

And remember, this annual conference has become a must-attend event for those interested in integration, so check more details about this event here.

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