Get your BizTalk Server 2016 Stickers!

Posted: July 22, 2016 in BizTalk
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On 12th May, during my session in the Integrate 2016 event about “A new set of BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks” (you can watch the full session online here) I announce that I had BizTalk Server 2016 stickers to offer (it was a way to buy the audience hehehe).


I always felt a little “jealousy”, maybe not the best word to describe, probably: “sad”, “eager to have or find”, some kind of merchandise related to the technology “I love”: BizTalk Server:

  • a bag, a shirt, jacket or a simple sticker

Most of the times just to annoy/upset my fellow coworkers or MVPs Smile. Although they exist, I have a BizTalk Server 2002 jacket, they are very rare to find, believe me!

And in an epoch or popular trend that what you will find more is stickers to put in your laptop from Azure, Gulp, Visual Studio and more recently Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Hololens, API and many more stickers… you will not find any BizTalk Server stickers!

So, in the absence of official Microsoft sticker I decide to put my hands in the mud and create them.

I did not expect, but the result for me was a big success and the attendees and speakers seem to have enjoy them:


I had several requested after my session but unfortunately I only took close to 100 stickers for an event with more than 300 attendees…


And some of them arrived to Australia after the event!


But now I finally got a free time to publish them and you are now able to download  and print them:

There are the “dear”/”sweet” T-Rex version:~


And the infamous badass T-Rex version:


They are in the perfect size/resolution, you just need to download the zip file and send it to a graphic shop!

Hope you enjoy!

You can download BizTalk Server 2016 Stickers from:

BizTalk Server 2016 Stickers (7,3 Kb)
Microsoft | TechNet Gallery

  1. Awesome Sandro! Where is the Logic Apps sticker?🙂

  2. Walter Michel says:

    Nice Sandro. 🙂

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