BizTalk 2006 FTP Adapter – The receive location… is shutting down. The error threshold was exceeded.

Posted: October 26, 2011 in BizTalk
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I have a Receive Location that monitors a folder on FTP server and if there are files available it gets the files and sends them by email, an extremely simple process. When the process starts I receive correctly the files by email but when I go to BizTalk Administration Console the Receive Location is unexpectedly disable. This occurs systematically after receiving the file from the FTP.

When I check the Event Viewer I found the following error logged:

The receive location “ErrorMonitor Location” with URL “ftp://IP:21// OUT/log_err_*” is shutting down. Details:”The error threshold was exceeded. “.

First you need to understand the behavior of the BizTalk 2006 (R2) FTP Adapter:

  • The BizTalk Server 2006 FTP adapter uses the FTP client protocol to poll the designated FTP server and retrieves data from the server “as is.” The FTP adapter does not validate any data that it retrieves. The FTP adapter sends the retrieved document to the BizTalk Messaging Engine for processing and then it deletes the original document from the FTP server.

Second you need to understand the configure variables for an FTP Receive Location, in particularly this:

  • Error Threshold: Specify the number of errors that BizTalk Server can encounter before the location is disabled. (Default value: 10)

Therefore the first thing I checked was the permissions of my user on the folder of the FTP that I’m monitoring… the result was that I had only read privileges and this is what was causing me the problem, because as I said earlier, the behavior of the adapter is: deletes the original document from the FTP server.


  • Set the user permissions so that it has: read and write access to that specific folder on the FTP Server.

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