BizTalk Server 2013 R2: Installation and Configuration – Install Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) (Part 3)

Posted: January 6, 2015 in BizTalk
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This next posts will focus on installing the BizTalk prerequisites and perform the necessary configuration on BizTalk Server machine.

Before installing BizTalk Server or its prerequisites, make sure you have installed the latest critical Windows updates from Microsoft.

Install Windows Identity Foundation

In the previous step “BizTalk Server 2013 R2: Installation and Configuration – Enable Internet Information Services (Part 2)” I mentioned that we should install the Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 feature, why?

If we plan to use/configure SharePoint Services adapter or SharePoint Online when used with SharePoint Services Client Side Object Model (CSOM), then Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) feature is required.

WIF is required if you are planning to use:

  • SharePoint Services Adapter with CSOM
  • SharePoint Online with CSOM

WIF is not required if you are planning to use:

  • SharePoint Services Adapter Web Service (deprecated)
  • No plan to use SharePoint

Windows Identity Foundation is included with the operating system (Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1) as a Feature in Turn Windows features on or off. (If you plan to use Windows 7 SP1 the download is available here Windows Identity Foundation):

If you didn’t previous install WIF then you should following this steps:

  • Start by running the “Server Manager”, if it is not already open, from either:
    • On the Windows taskbar, click the Server Manager button
    • On the Start screen, click Server Manager.
  • Under “Manage” menu, select “Add Roles and Features” (or press “Add roles and features” under the Dashboard panel)
  • On the Before You Begin screen, click “Next”
  • On the Installation Type screen, select “Role-based or Feature-based Installation” and click “Next”
  • On the Server Selection screen, select the appropriate server, leave the default options and click “Next”
  • On the Server Roles screen, click “Next”
  • On the Features screen, select “Windows Identity Foundation 3.5” and click “Next”


  • On the Confirmation screen, select “Restart the destination server automatically if required” and click “Install”:


  • When the installation completes, the wizard reflects the installation status on the Results screen
  • Click “Close” to exit the wizard.
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